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Research and Development

We work to create products that are needed in
the world, and distribute them to our customers.

At ZENOAQ, in order to continue to take on the challenge of animal-related life sciences, we have established an independent development structure within the company, where we conduct research and development every day. This world-class research and development system allowed us to develop new business in a variety of fields, including pharmaceutical development and biotechnology.

We work to develop advanced veterinary pharmaceuticals to combat a variety of diseases.

To meet the market needs of both companion animals and production animals, we continue to develop and provide medical techniques as advanced as those meant for humans, as well as providing products and services related to the stabilization of the livestock industry.

Market Needs and Awareness of Issues
Companion Animals
  • Improvement of companion animals' Quality of Life
  • Advanced medical care and pharmaceutical development to combat age-related diseases
  • Development of medical treatments, preventative medicines, and diagnostic agents related to intractable diseases
  • High quality and safe veterinary pharmaceuticals
Production Animals
  • Productivity improvement (profit generation)
  • Development of medicinal products for the treatment and/or prevention of various diseases.
  • Prevention and control of infectious disease pandemics in animals


Protein expression technology

Using a variety of protein expression technologies, we are developing new, breakthrough veterinary pharmaceuticals that are safe and highly effective.

Technological Collaboration

We license unique, advanced technologies from domestic Japanese and non-Japanese biotech companies and other research entities to research, develop and commercialize groundbreaking new medicinal drugs.

・Oncolytic virus development

・DNA vaccines: we are licensing the groundbreaking Unite® platform from Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc.