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Allermmune® HDM

Allermmune® HDM is the first-of-its-kind desensitization therapy (allergen-specific immunotherapy) containing recombinant Der f 2, which is one of the major allergens for house dust mite (HDM)-induced canine atopic dermatitis (cAD).

Recombinant Der f 2 is expressed by genetic engineering technology before conjugation to pullulan (a type of polysaccharide) in order to improve the safety and efficacy of the product. On top of that, treatment with Allermmune® HDM can be carried out according to a convenient regimen, in contrast to complex conventional desensitization therapies, which generally require frequent administration and long term treatment. Allermmune® HDM is currently registered and sold in Japan and South Korea.

For additional information, please contact us via our website.