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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity
zenoaq symbol mark

ZENOAQ's logo is based on an animal's eye motif.
The eye, as a symbol of gazing at our surroundings, as well as hearts and events, represents the fundamental stance of Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., LTD. (ZENOAQ), always rooted in the present, while looking to the future, and continuing to explore our specialized field.
The gradually expanding overall form of the logo expresses the vision of the company as one that operates from a global perspective, and works to broaden our horizons to explore new possibilities. Furthermore, this represents this company's desire to achieve our goal to cherish the blessings that animals bring, foster a healthy coexistence between animals and humans, and continue to uncover the limitless value of animals. The deep blue color of our brand symbolizes the intelligence and forward-thinking stance of our company, while the bright green symbolizes the blessings of nature and a prosperous society. The white dot in the center represents the hope for a bright future.
The company's name is derived from the biblical "Noah", who saved many animals on the ark, and "Active", expressing our positivity and liveliness.
It can also be understood to mean "Acquire", representing the dedication of our employees to acquiring more advanced skills through tireless self-improvement.
What's more, the name is spelled with a "Q", to include the meaning of "Quality", representing the overall high quality of the business operations provided by Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo.
And finally, our company name begins with "Zen", symbolizing Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo, and also includes the meaning of "Ultimate" through the use of the letter "Z".


Gazing at the future

"Gazing at" has the meaning of a child gazing with curiosity and sparkling eyes.
We are not frightened of an uncertain future, but instead maintain our position of gazing at the future with curiosity for the sake of animals and all the people with whom we are connected.