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Direct Sales System

We are the only veterinary pharmaceutical company with a Direct Sales System in Japan, allowing direct access to the market and our customers. We always do our best to meet the customers' needs with our consulting sales.

Sales divisions and number of staff

Meeting the Diverse Needs of our Customers

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have taken up specific business structures dedicated to different types of animals. Our business staff, divided into four categories based on the animals for which they are responsible, carry out our company's business activities with an emphasis on consultation as well as providing highly specialized information.

Using Owned Media for New Communication

In recent years, through our web magazine Dokkoisho Nippon, which supports livestock in Japan, and #HugQ, a campaign to connect pet owners and veterinarians with a hug, we are seeking to realize ZENOAQ's goal of creating a society where animals and humans can coexist, in a way that involves not only veterinarians and all farmers, but the general public as well.