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Global Business and Partnerships

Global Business and Partnerships

Valuing animals and sharing their bounty - Our scope is not limited to the domestic market. Our skills and know-hows established through experience go beyond Japan and the Asian region. ZENOAQ's services are borderless and are meant to fulfill the needs that have not yet been met and create a future in which both people and animals will benefit together.

Areas of Focus

Recognizing the market needs of both companion animals and livestock, we continue to develop and provide advanced innovative veterinary products on the same level as those meant for humans, as well as provide products and services that contribute to the thriving productivity of the livestock industry.

Priority Disease Type 1, Cancer
Priority Disease Type 2, Allergies
Priority Disease Type 3, Infectious diseases
Priority Disease Type 4, Kidney disease

Main Original Products

Allermmune® HDM

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Develop a business that binds the countries of the world together

In order to further promote product manufacturing for the global market and the strengthening of supplies nationwide, we have established a department dedicated to developing international business at our Tokyo branch office. Starting from our production and sales office already established in China, we took the first step towards establishing a worldwide business, starting with the Asian market, specifically focusing on China and South Korea. In addition, by creating partnerships, including joint research and joint businesses, with the world's leading companies, we are working to develop and introduce excellent products while simultaneously deepening our cooperative relationships. We are actively working to recruit and nurture the development of staff with broad perspectives and drive in a variety of ways, including recruiting staff regardless of nationality.

Major Business Partners

ZENOAQ work strategically with business partners around the world to achieve our vision.
Our reach is growing every day.

Products from our partners

Connecting with ZENOAQ's direct sales system, we are proud to be the sole distributor in Japan for various world leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies.

Examples of Products

Availa 4


Farmina Vet Life

Farmina Pet Foods

Eprinex Topical

Boehringer Ingelheim


SC Environmental Science

Ivomec Topical

Boehringer Ingelheim



MG Live Vaccine

Nippon Biologicals

MS Live Vaccine

Nippon Biologicals


Boehringer Ingelheim

SNAP Point-of-Care Testing

IDEXX Laboratories

Tiamutin Powder

Eli Lilly