ABOUT USDirect Sales System

Connecting Our Customers with Our Products

ZENOAQ is the only veterinary pharmaceutical company in Japan with a direct sales system, allowing direct access to the market and our customers. Having sales outlets spread throughout the nation, our sales and technical service experts can communicate with customers directly and openly, which promotes timely information exchange. This system also contributes indirectly to the enhancement of expertise within our sales force simply by carrying out basic daily activities. The self-sustenance of the system has been the pride of ZENOAQ, where our robust sales force is trained internally by the technical support team, consisting mainly of veterinarians. This powerful system has been the core that actively links ZENOAQ with our customers.

ZENOAQ believes that improvement of expertise will further enhance our efficiency in many ways. With emphasis on expertise and a strong network as a foundation, ZENOAQ is able to expand and diversify its sales services as an expert in the field.


Sales System According to Animal Groups and Emphasis of Expertise


In order to improve efficiency and sales, 3 sales divisions according to animal groups exist in ZENOAQ. This organization allows each division to focus exclusively on their field of specialties. Therefore, our sales force also act as field specialists, providing targeted information along with the best solutions during consultation-sales visits.

Distribution Centers

Sales and distribution are inseparable. Since the logistics division’s mission is to deliver a large amount of products to customers speedily and accurately, ZENOAQ has set up 4 distribution centers located in main business areas in Japan. ZENOAQ is always striving to build an improved ordering/ delivery system. With the introduction of the e-commerce system, ZENOAQ is also planning to further expand the product ordering system beyond the conventional call center system.